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Congressional Western Caucus: Interior Department Critical to the West

Washington, D.C. (March 6, 2013) – On the eve of the Senate’s confirmation hearing, Members of the Congressional Western Caucus sent a letter to the President highlighting questions and concerns about Sally Jewell’s nomination for Secretary of the Department of the Interior (DOI). In the letter, caucus members emphasized the impact the DOI has on the West, and laid out the basic qualifications any Secretary of the Interior should possess.

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New Report Highlights Recreational Fishing’s Broad Economic and Conservation Impact

Anglers’ expenditures have a significant impact on the nation’s economy

Alexandria, VA – January 10, 2013 - Recreational fishing is more than just a pleasant getaway for millions of Americans. As an industry, it provides a living for countless people in businesses ranging from fishing tackle and boating manufacturing to travel and hospitality to publications, magazines and much more.  As reported in Sportfishing in America: An Economic Force for Conservation, a new fishing statistics report produced by the American Sportfishing Association (ASA), the trade association that represents the sportfishing industry, the number of anglers increased 11 percent over the past five years and fishing tackle sales grew more than 16 percent. When expenditures are multiplied by our nation’s 60 million anglers, their dollars have a significant impact on our nation’s economy.

Sportfishing in America: An Economic Force for Conservation highlights how recreational fishing not only endures as an activity that permeates all social and economic aspects of Americans’ lives, but also plays a significant role in the country’s most successful fisheries conservation efforts.

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OutdoorWire - your link to access

OutdoorWire ( provides a clickable link index to the vast collection of news and information across its family of website. The sites,, 4x4Voice, and have long been important sources of information concerning environmental and administrative regulations and their impact on motorized recreation.

Together, the family of websites contain more than 12 years of information covering topics from landuse and environmental issues to 4x4 vehicle tech.  An integrated site search provides quick access to site archives and forum postings.

With contributing bloggers from The TrailPAC, BlueRibbon Coalition, United Four Wheel Drive Associations, California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs and others, the OutdoorWire continues to grow.

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California OHMVR Legislative Bill Summary Report 6/17/2011

California OHMVR Legislative Bill Summary Report 6/17/2011

  AB 42 (Huffman D)  State parks.
  Current Text: Amended: 5/16/2011   pdf html
  Introduced: 12/6/2010
  Last Amend: 5/16/2011
  Status: 6/14/2011-Do pass as amended, and re-refer to the Committee on Appropriations.
  Location: 6/14/2011-S. APPR.
  Summary: Would authorize the Department of Parks and Recreation to enter into an operating agreement for the development, improvement, restoration, care, maintenance, administration, or operation of a unit or units, or portion of a unit, of the state park system, as identified by the director, with a qualified nonprofit organization, as provided. This bill would require the operating agreement to include, among other things, a requirement that the nonprofit organization annually submit a report to the department. The bill would require the nonprofit organization and the district superintendent for the department to hold a joint public meeting for discussion of the report. This bill contains other related provisions.

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Minnesota to review environment policies

Senate Environment Committee begins natural resources reorganization discussion

(Jan 6, 2010) - In November 2008, 1.6 million voters approved an amendment to constitutionally dedicate funding for the preservation and protection of our state’s wildlife habitat, lakes and rivers, parks, and cultural heritage. Minnesotans’ willingness to raise taxes even in tight economic times is a signal of the value they place on our natural resources.

The next step in protecting our environment and natural resources is to examine the way we deliver natural resource governance. The structure the state has in place for managing our natural resources has evolved in many layers over decades. There are a number of state departments and agencies, together with local government entities, that share environment and natural resources oversight and enforcement responsibilities. Many of these agencies and departments have overlapping jurisdiction and local governments also perform some of the same functions.

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