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Based on the current information from Mexico, the closest breeding population of jaguars is approximately 130 miles south of the internation...
Guest (Jerry Smith)
From what I have seen and heard for years, you cannot trust certain "studies" and the so-called "Scientists" behind the studies. It is my o...
Just a few tidbits - Attorneys fees PAID: Greater sage grouse -- $212,807 (D. Idaho); 
Gunnison sage grouse – $260,000 (D.C. District)
; Eas...
Guest (John Stewart)
Resources Committee Chair Doc Hastings (WA-04) issued the following statement regarding listing the wolverine as a threatened species - http...
Guest (John Stewart)
Nevada has released of new plan designed to protect sensitive sagebrush habitat needed by the sage grouse. More information is available fr...

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